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grand rapids provin trails forest engagement

grand rapids, michigan | sarah + caleb

its been almost two and a half years since we moved to grand rapids, but it feels way less than that. its been so fun exploring new places in the city for engagement sessions. provin trials is a prime location for all things forest photos. sarah and caleb are great friends of ours and have headed off to adventure california, but before they left we wanted to squeeze in a little anniversary session! we woke up at the butt crack of dawn and headed to provin trails forest for a boho sunrise session.

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why have a sunrise engagement session | midwest wedding photographer

Jackson, MIChigan | Emily + Conor

if you are anything like me, mornings are not really your friend, however there are a couple things that will get me up in the morning without the grumbling. food definitely being one of them…but we are not here to talk about my love for food. we are here to talk about why you should consider having a sunrise engagement session. I know I know. that means you may have to be waking up at the butt crack of dawn…but trust me. its worth it for all that buttery light.

speaking of light, when you opt for a sunrise engagement session vs a sunset engagement session…you are gaining more and more light as the shoot progresses instead of racing the clock before its all gone. that means you can take it slow and have a relaxing morning of me making you whisper sweet nothings in each others ear.

mornings just feel calm. have you ever woke up early to watch the sunrise. all snuggled up in a blanket, drinking something hot. its just so ahhhh. not to mention, it feels sooo good to have an excuse to crawl back in bed when its all over. you woke up early, you deserve it!!

if you shooting in a busy location, much like I do when shooting engagements in an industrial or city setting, you avoid a lot of the chaos. when doing a sunset session, most of the time its right when people are getting off work or running out for dinner or to walk their dog. if you shoot when the sun is rising, all of those people are still chillin in bed.

if we schedule your engagement session in one of the hotter months, a sunrise engagement session can help to avoid those hot and humid temps we make face if we shoot at sunset. you will thank me when you dont have a glowing upper lip ;)

I definitely saved the best reason for last. breakfast. if you shoot with me in the morning you best believe we are heading out for breakfast after! can someone say breakfast burrito???

Emily and Conor chose to shoot with me early in the morning in downtwon jackson michigan in front of some murals, which if you know me is totally my jam. if all you look at is the first image, you will know that it was a freaking good choice!

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grand rapids park engagement

trust. ive said it once and ill say it a million times. couples who trust their photographer are literally the best. i told these two to meet me at a local grand rapids park. however, after driving to said park, me, being the weirdo that i am, found cooler run down janky places along the way that i liked better. so i called them up, sent them a pin and said to meet me on the side of the road. and what did they do…they just said ok!

we did make it to the park, but there is a special place in my heart for discolored walls, chain link fences, and overgrown weeds and i am grateful for people like kaitlyn and jack who go with my vision. just wait till you see their Camp Blodgett wedding…coming soon :)

downtown chicago spring engagement

chicago, illinois | Amy + Ray

these are my chicago city dwelling friends everyone. 

when an engagement shoot is basically just hanging out with your friends for the day, adventureing through downtown, im into it.  exploring new back alleys in a city you've been to a million times is the most inspiring.  these two inspire me.  wait till you see amys vision for her michigan bohemian backyard camp forest wedding.  yes. it will be all those things and more. 

let the countdown begin.