planterra conservatory wedding



michigan wedding photographers. if you are on the hunt for a detroit conservatory wedding venue, planterra conservatory is it. surrounded by luscious trees, you will feel you've been transported to the jungle. there is something about conservatory weddings that feel so magical. some of my favorite photos ive ever shot have been in greenhouses and conservatories. on top of planterra being an amazing venue, christie put so much thought into every detail and when it got dark you felt like you were in a beauty and the beast movie. on double top of that, anthony is from australia so everywhere you turned you heard those australian accents….it was the best :)

planterra conservatory descirbes istself as a glass-enclosed, botanical garden venue.  With European curved trusses, indoor koi ponds and a dramatic stone gabian archway, the Conservatory houses a wide collection of lush, exotic botanicals.   Providing views of the stars on a clear night and soft, natural light during the day, the most perfect venue to say your vows!

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venue: planterra conservatory
dress: carolina herrera
headpiece: jennifer behr
makeup artist: mariah barnum
guest singer: titus burgess