salvage one chicago wedding


Chicago, IL | Erica + Austin

this wedding was over two years ago now, but if you have every been to salvage one in chicago, or been apart of a wedding there…you know what an amazing place it is. ive said it a million times but warehouse weddings are absolutely my favorite. I just love mixing a classy bride and groom with, in this case, a bath tub or old neon signs.

Erica and Austins wedding ceremony at salvage one, as you can see was full of so much emotion. their goal was to show the love of jesus and they did just that. at salvage one, you can either have your ceremony inside or outside the venue and both are equally as cool, however I am glad they chose to do it outside. the way the building surrounds them with the ivy on the walls and all of the vintage artifacts is such a cool vibe.

here is what erica had to say about their day and her man:

“I love talking about my man <3 There is no one in the world quite like Austin. He is a strong man of faith with a burden to share the joy and truth of Christ with everyone he meets. His desire for holiness has sharpened me and his incredible humor lightens me. Our biggest hope for our wedding day at salvage one chicago is that people will feel loved by us and would understand the Gospel through what is spoken and through what is seen. We also can't wait to break out all of our favorite dance moves and watch others do the same. We can't wait to start a crazy adventure together!”

fun fact: austin plays wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints and was in the super bowl last year. It was so fun to watch him play and see how he is being an inspiration to others!