red rock canyon wedding


alyssa + rory, las vegas, nevada

if you have never been to red rock canyon las vegas you need to!!  and if you have never shot a wedding at red rock canyon then you definitely need to.  when you think of las vegas you think of the bright lights and the fancy people headed to a show.  what you dont think of is the absolutely stunning landscapes that surround the downtown strip.  from canyons, to deserts filled with cacti, to mountains that go on forever, there it is nothing short of spectacular.

alyssa started off the day with a brunch with all her girl friends. since alyssa had been living in las vegas away from her family in friends for a while, it was a special time to gather and share stories. from there we headed to the most adorable first look you ever did see. rory was so giddy when he saw her! then I made them take all the cacti photos (this michigan girl was in heaven)!