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so I have been reading this book called, "31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer".  its an awesome book filled with inspiring words for people like me who have a whole lot of dreams floating in their heads.  the reason I bring this up is because JP and Rachel are not only dreamers, but doers. 

these two are starting a church!

JP and Rachel felt the call on their life to reach the people in the city of chicago so they are starting their own church.  in july of 2016 they will be packing up their things and leaving the comforts of what is known to start Oasis Church Chicago.  how cool is that?!

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here are some words from Rachel herself on their newest adventure:

"We fell in love with this beautiful, influential city long ago but both thought our dreams were “too big” to stay home in the city we “grew up in.” When I heard the call for full-time ministry I never thought Chicago would be the landing point and to build Jesus’s church. It was on my way home from visiting New York City, flying over the city of Chicago, that I heard so clearly that Chicago is where Jesus wanted me. I knew in that moment that Chicago was the vision and some way that if He called me, He would see it through. The call was clear and I knew that was where I had to go. Rachel who thought missions could only be internationally was ironically surprised when living in Kenya for three months only drew her heart closer to the city she knew best, Chicago. She has a passion to see the world and bring change through serving people. Rachel came home from that trip with a feeling that she would go back to reach Kenya even more, but Jesus revealed a greater plan to her to stay and reach Chicago. It was something beyond our planning to have this specific call on our hearts separately that it could only be Jesus. That stirs up our faith daily to continue to move towards. We are just overwhelmed that Jesus would use a group of ordinary people to reach this city. Faith makes a fool of what makes sense and we are ready for Jesus is going to do. The journey ahead is exciting!"