rooftop grand rapids engagement


alyson + brian | grand rapids, michigan

industrial. as soon as that word is uttered during a client call my heart starts to flutter.  its like they are speaking my love language! we've only lived in grand rapids, michigan for about a year and i have loved every second of exploring the industrial urban areas of the city, especially rooftops....and can we just talk about how in love alyson and brian are?  

these two bid on a session with me at a 3:11 Youth Housing fundraiser here in grand rapids and i am so stinking glad they did.  there was one point during their where i told them to walk toward each other and hug like they havent seen each other for a whole month...and let me tell you, alyson sprinted to brian and leaped into his arms and embraced him so hard!  it was presh. 

those are my kind of people. people who cant keep their hands off each other. people that just gush love from their insides. seeing the little looks they steal of each other you just know they were meant to spend forever together.