hometown backyard wedding / / amber + joseph


these two.

where do I even begin.  I not only had the privilege to document their wedding, but I was invited in as apart of the family.  never have I felt more welcome on a wedding day.  amber and josephs family and friends were beyond welcoming.  I found myself giggling with the girls, crying with her dad (which is not a surprise I guess because I do that at almost every wedding...im a sucker for daddy, daughter moments) and joking with the boys as if I'd known them for years.  its clients like these I know I will have a lasting friendship with.

Amber and Joseph, thank you for letting me in to your most intimate moments. thank you for trusting me and thank you for being troopers through the cold, rainy weather.  it was so worth it!

amber and joseph got married in ambers backyard in sandwich illinois so it was fun to be able to use her childhood home as a backdrop for their wedding day


these lovebirds had a first look in the backyard of ambers family home, which obvi I am all for and it was just the cutest.  grooms reactions to seeing their brides for the first time in such an intimate setting is always just a joy to watch

ambers dad was working down to the wire to make sure all the diy decor was perfect....and when I say down to the wire, I mean he was literally working until I made him go get dressed for family photos!  all of his work definitely paid off and their whole backyard was transformed into a beautiful backdrop for their wedding day, complete with adorable doors that fell off into open fields. what a view right!?

even though it turned out to be a gloomy cold day, the rain held out and these two and their bridal party were troopers.  and hey, gloomy wedding days are good luck arnt they??

the diy work continued on into the reception.  from the homemade signs to the twinke lights hung around the barn and tent, there was so much work put into making her backyard look magical.  I have to say I was a little obsessed with all the different vintage plates they used to serve their guests!

we tried a lantern sendoff in the field of their backyard but since it was so chilly and wet it ended up being a fail. boo. instead we got some glow sticks and sent them on their way!