antique shop engagement


rebecca + eric, kankakee, illinois

rain. smoke bombs. antiquing. side of the road sunsets. ferris wheel rides. popcorn and corndogs.

in the words of rebecca, i had the most fun.  if you know rebecca everything is the most beautiful, the most amazing, the most wonderful.  thats what i love about her.  she doesn't doing anything halfway.  she loves people well and the best part is she found someone to love her well back.  throughout the whole day, no matter if it was raining at the kankakee state park or if we were at her favorite place in the world, at the top of the ferris wheel, these two loved each other well.  

we started off our evening getting a little wet at the kankakee state park which is where eric had proposed.  on the day of their engagement, they turned off their phones and snuck away to the tiny town of wilmington illinois to do one of their favorite things, antiquing which is where we headed next!  we finished off the evening at another one of rebeccas most favorite things, the fair.  if you could only see her excitement as we got closer and closer, priceless!

the way they look at each other

it just puts a smile on my face.  they look at each other with such adoration.  thats what i love about my job.  i find myself not only smiling the whole time while shooting, but while editing as well.  i start to giggle when they were giggling, and smile softly during their special moments.


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engagement sessions are for you.  make them personal. make them meaningful.  pick locations that will bring back nostalgic memories when you look back at them at 80 years old with your hunny! boom. do it :)