oh hey! glad you are here!

photo by allison harp

my name is o'malley.
 and yes that is my first name
& I am a midwest wedding photographer based out of Grand rapids, michigan!


I am freshly married (I highly recommend it).

My hubby was an All-American point guard and is now a basketball coach, so I know far more about basketball offenses than what is on E! news.

If you ask me what I want for dinner 99.9% of the time I will tell you tacos.

I have a slight obsession with school supplies...aka I still use a paper planner...where my bullet journalers at?!

ESPN is my go to tv channel, I was the boy my dad never had.

We have a squishy shar pei mix named arnold and I have definitely become one of those dog moms.

i became a mommy to an actual tiny human named daxton on march 30, 2018...not just little pup.

I’ve wanted to be a photographer since 9th grade when my dreams of being a zoologist were crushed by my barely passing AP biology grade.

btdubs: I totes abriv all the time so im obvi sor if you cant understand me.

its super important that we click.  check out what its like to work with me
throughout your #engaged life

couple with dog engagement
 Planterra Conservatory Wedding © O'Malley King
photos by jamie + sarah, abbey moore, & allison harp

photos by jamie + sarah, abbey moore, & allison harp

woodsy engagement session
 © O'Malley King
at home couples session
abbey moore photography
 © O'Malley King


 Downtown Detroit The Eastern Wedding © O'Malley King
engagement session with connection


you can’t wait.  you found your best friend, the one you want to wake up to every morning.  you want to share this day with your closest family and friends at that little place you’ve pictured your whole life, chock-full of nostalgic memories.  you are simple.  you are an adventurer.  you appreciate photography and the feelings that rush back when you look at a photograph.  you are just missing one thing…


it would be an honor to share in your story.  I don’t take lightly that your wedding day is full of moments opened up for me to document.  I want to capture the “in betweens”.  that little kiss he stole when he thought no one was watching.  that look she gave you when your song came on.  the most magical thing about photography is that with one glance, emotions can come rushing back as if sent through a time machine.


wedding photography to me is of course about the photographs I take, but more importantly it is is about loving my brides and grooms in the same way I have been so freely loved.  to me, my job is more than a one day thing and many times I take on the role of wedding planner, dress bustler, and boutonniere pinner.  this season of life should be something you never forget and should be done with someone you trust.  I will approach your wedding day very personally, authentically, and honestly to capture all that raw emotion.  these moments are artwork for your walls that will last generations, lets keep it real.  I start every new relationship with a phone call because it is the best way for you to decide if we are the right fit.  we’ll talk through the details and afterwords, i’ll send over my full price guide.  I am not for everyone and I am ok with that, but if you value, trust and invest in our relationship I know we can make some magic together.

if you are pickin' up what I'm layin' down, say hello through the contact form or email me at info@omalleyking.com.

talk to you soon friends!