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that golden light

that golden light

its what photographers dream about

this. right. here

ya thats my smokin hot sister ladies and gents.  I love having sisters because I can shoot them as long as I want without having to worry about if they are too cold or if I am shooting too long because they are my sisters and they are stuck with me no matter what.  they don’t have a choice hehe

brides to be.  photos with that golden light doesn’t just happen. it takes a lot of intentional planning but it is so so soooo worth it.  you want this light in your photos so be sure to make time about 30 mins before sunset to sneak away with your photographer.  the light goes fast so even just 5-10 minutes should do the trick.

intimate mill race village northville michigan wedding

I went to high school with Alley and she got married in our home town.  If you grew up in Northville, you knew all about Mill Race Village where Alley and Dave got married.  In elementary school, it was where everyone went for their class field trips.  In middle school it was the cool place to hang out.  In high school it was the place for prom and senior photos. So, to be able to capture her wedding here was very nostalgic for me.  Dave and Alley were all about just getting married.  All they wanted was an intimate Michigan wedding.  It is always meaningful to me to see people who are about the meaning of the day and not the day itself.

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venue: mill race village

reception: genitti's