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wedding day family photo checklist | grand rapids wedding photographer

while most of your wedding day is about documenting those unplanned moments or those ‘just married’ snuggles, I realize that family photos are just as important. these people are your ride or dies and probably some of the most printed photographs of the day. below are some important tips to help the family portrait part of your wedding day run smoothly!

 Berkshire Estate Massachusetts Wedding (C) O'Malley King


We are talking about light again. Brainstorm ahead of time where you would like your family portraits. Somewhere with natural even light. Think shade, not bright sun, and somewhere with a non-distracting background. Plain walls or greenery usually work great for this.

inform your peeps

Make sure everyone who is in the photo knows where to be and when. There is nothing worse then waiting for dad who is yucking it up with his old work buddy while we are trying to bust through some photos. Dads...gotta love ‘em.


This goes back to what I said about getting your posse ready to go. We only have a limited amount of time to get through all these groups so we can focus on the two of you and your bridal party, so make sure all the ducks are in a row.


Be sure to let your photographer know of any family tensions or special circumstances beforehand so we can avoid any family brawls . . .just kidding . . . kind of ;)

bonus tip

If you are wearing a veil, make sure to inform people standing next to you to put their hand under so they are not yanking your head back every two seconds. Also tell people to not be afraid to get close to you and go ahead and tuck their feet right under your dress.

 Downtown Detroit The Eastern Wedding (C) O'Malley King
 Downtown Detroit The Eastern Wedding (C) O'Malley King

Here is my standard family shot list for wedding day family portraits. these are the combinations that I always do at every wedding. If you are wanting any other family groupings, let your photographer know. Keep in mind that this will usually add more time, so plan accordingly.

Want an extended family photo? make sure everyone in the group knows the photo is happening and consider saving it for during the reception! are there special people not necessarily involved in the wedding party that you want your photographer to pay close attention to? Let them know that too so we can focus on them and not random 2nd cousin Bill who got an invite and is partying a too hard on the dance floor.


Bride w/ Mom

Bride w/ Dad

Bride w/ both parents

Bride w/ each sibling

Bride w/ all siblings

Bride & Groom w/ all siblings

Bride & Groom w/ Bride’s Immediate Family

Bride & Groom w/ Bride’s Parents

Bride & Groom w/ Brides Grandparents

Bride w/ each Grandparent


Bride & Groom w/ Both Sets of Parents

Bride & Groom w/ Both Immediate Families


Bride & Groom w/ Groom’s Immediate Family

Bride & Groom w/ all siblings

Bride & Groom w/ Groom’s Parents

Groom w/ both parents

Groom w/ Mom

Groom w/ Dad

Groom w/ each sibling

Groom w/ all siblings

Groom w/ each Grandparent

Bride & Groom w/ Grandparents

 Morton Arboretum Wedding (C) O'Malley King
camp blodgett beach wedding

west olive, michigan | kaitlyn + jack

there is nothing better than a western michigan summer sunset on your wedding day. really any day for that matter but especially on your wedding day. kaitlyn and jack had the most…and I mean the most perfect weather for their camp blodgett beach wedding.

they kept it simple with their closest friends and family surrounding them for their ceremony on the deck of camp blodgett overlooking the beach. after some photos in the beautiful sun, they took it inside for toasts and dinner. the camps dinner area has surrounding windows so the whole time you can check out the captivating dunes and water. after dinner and dessert they headed back out onto the deck for some dancing under the twinkle lights. you could smell the cool breeze coming off lake michigan as they danced the night away.

and you bet your bottom dollar we snuck away to the beach for some sunset photos. isnt kaitlyns renee austin dress absolutely stunning. the way it was swept up with the breeze during the whole day was amazeballs!

Venue: Camp Blodgett // Hair + Makeup: Lauren Colburn // Dress: Renne Austin // DJ: Moments In TIme Disc Jockeys

grand rapids provin trails forest engagement

grand rapids, michigan | sarah + caleb

its been almost two and a half years since we moved to grand rapids, but it feels way less than that. its been so fun exploring new places in the city for engagement sessions. provin trials is a prime location for all things forest photos. sarah and caleb are great friends of ours and have headed off to adventure california, but before they left we wanted to squeeze in a little anniversary session! we woke up at the butt crack of dawn and headed to provin trails forest for a boho sunrise session.

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massachusetts berkshire estates mountain wedding

shelburne falls, massachusetts | rivka + aaron

ive said it a million times but it is such a blessing and privilege to photograph my friends. I ran track in college with Rivka (and I use the term ran very loosely because you would often times find us in the bathroom hiding during the warm up…sorry coach bowman) and also had the joy of being her roommate for a season. if you know Rivka you know how infectious her personality is and how she has a deep love for people. my favorite thing about Rivka so far, has been watching her be loved so passionately by Aaron. she is a strong independent woman, but lets him love and lead her in the best way. the way aaron broke down when he saw her walking down the aisle and was so giddy to give her a hug melted my heart.

Rivka is a meticulous planner. No detail went unnoticed for her berkshire estate mountain wedding. she found an estate with a perfect mountain view, designed the most stunning dress (yes, she designed her dress), and planned the most perfect and intimate ceremony…yes i cried ok.

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Venue: Personal Berkshire Estate / / Flowers: Flour and Petal / / Dress: Handmade + BHLDN / / Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie