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Best midwest engagement and wedding images of 2016

i heard someone say once, "to move forward we must look back at where we have been".  ok i probably never actually heard anyone say it but im sure pinterest definitely threw it out there once.  i have never done a "year in review" post because i have never really been content with my work.  i always felt like i could do better or i have fallen short in comparison to other photographers i admire.  this past year was huge for me.  lots of "aha" moments, amazing clients, and awesome opportunities.  i always feel like i could do more and be better, but this time around im taking time to be proud of myself.  proud of how far ive come, the work i have created, and the relationships i have cultivated.

comparison is the theif of joy.

dont let it steal your joy.

take time to look back and see how far you have come

2017 Wedding Photography Bucket List

iceland eleopement

ireland greenlands

big sur

bohemian forrest wedding

intimate mountain elopement

joshua tree national park wedding

industrial warehouse wedding

red rock canyon las vegas wedding

alyssa + rory, las vegas, nevada

if you have never been to red rock canyon las vegas you need to!!  and if you have never shot a wedding at red rock canyon then you definitely need to.  when you think of las vegas you think of the bright lights and the fancy people headed to a show.  what you dont think of is the absolutely stunning landscapes that surround the downtown strip.  from canyons, to deserts filled with cacti, to mountains that go on forever, there it is nothing short of spectacular.

bottom lounge chicago

melissa + bob, chicago, illinois

so I'm obsessed with these two. they are the kind of people you just want to be friends with. they are the coolest "we do what we want" kind of people.  a couple weeks prior to their reception at Bottom Lounge, Bob and Melissa got married in Las Vegas…Elvis and all!  At their reception, they had an all female kiss tribute band named Slutter, and let me tell you, I have never seen a girl so excited.

if I learned anything from Bob and Melissa's Bottom Lounge wedding it's to do whatever the heck you want. you want to get married in Vegas. do it. you want a all female kiss tribute band.  do it.  if you want to get ready together all morning. do it. and hey if you want to get married in Greece with 10 people in a pink tulle wedding dress, definitely do it... and holler at me!

as my hubby would say, "do you boo boo!" ps he's going to kill me for telling you he says that hehe

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