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Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas Engagement

lyss + rory, red rock canyon, nevada

these two are the reason I do what I do.  they are the most genuine people you could ever meet.

lyss loves people. 

like, all in loves them.  while this day was about them, I found lyss talking to me and antonio (yes my hubs got to come along too!) about our future and giving us such godly and wise advice that we will cherish forever. 

rory is her rock. 

he is the calm, cool and collected one as lyss would say and right now he is in medical school in the freaking Caribbean!  how jealous are you!? rory has such a kind heart and loves lyss so well.

these two have the best love story.  they have been long distance for most of their relationship and are always supporting each other going after their dreams.  they both started off in Illinois and then headed their separate ways.  lyss went to work with high schoolers at a local church in Las Vegas, while rory pursued medical school in the Caribbean. 

this trip was full of adventures from the las vegas strip, to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, to a rare patch of las vegas greenery at Floyd Lamb Park.  since I was able to bring the hubby along it was like a giant double date.  we had so much fun and I seriously cannot wait till their las vegas new years eve wedding.  yes. I said new years eve. in las vegas :) 

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firehouse chicago industrial wedding

juli + luc, chicago, illinois

you may not believe in love at first sight but Luc sure did.  

he saw her and he knew

with Juli's cute little giggles and Luc's infectious laugh, i knew it would be a good day. these two are the kindest most gentle hearted people I've ever met and their love for each other was so evident.  these are the weddings i could shoot everyday.  

they just got me and i got them.  

their love story was told in front of their closest friends and family in the backyard of firehouse chicago.  complete with a food truck, cupcakes, and plenty of dancing this one was one of my faves.  

when couples trust me and invite me in as apart of the family....we get some dang good stuff!


weddings like these get me so fired up.  i get home super late, exhausted, but with a huge smile on my face eager to wake up and tackle the images we captured.  when a bride and groom are excited about taking the time to get awesome photographs on their wedding day it gets me so excited to create them. i just love love love it! boom. so good.