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Best midwest engagement and wedding images of 2016

i heard someone say once, "to move forward we must look back at where we have been".  ok i probably never actually heard anyone say it but im sure pinterest definitely threw it out there once.  i have never done a "year in review" post because i have never really been content with my work.  i always felt like i could do better or i have fallen short in comparison to other photographers i admire.  this past year was huge for me.  lots of "aha" moments, amazing clients, and awesome opportunities.  i always feel like i could do more and be better, but this time around im taking time to be proud of myself.  proud of how far ive come, the work i have created, and the relationships i have cultivated.

comparison is the theif of joy.

dont let it steal your joy.

take time to look back and see how far you have come

2017 Wedding Photography Bucket List

iceland eleopement

ireland greenlands

big sur

bohemian forrest wedding

intimate mountain elopement

joshua tree national park wedding

industrial warehouse wedding

holland sand dune woodsy engagement

cory + britt | Norton Shores, Michigan

who doesnt want to get cute and snuggling in the middle of the forest surrounded by beautiful white sand dunes?!  I know I do!  there is something so freaking cool about michigan and the midwest that is like no other place in the united states.  there are hidden gems all around and little oasis' around every corner.  britt and cory suggested this outdoorsy adventure and I am so gald they did.  it was nice to get out in the fresh air and go for a little hike. 

meg & aaron / / joshua tree

Joshua Tree, Joshua Tree, Joshua Tree!  If you haven't been here then you need to!  It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  Sometimes I felt like I was in the movie The Lorax because of all the goofy looking trees and plants.  I had the opportunity to shoot here while I was at Andria Lindquist's Oh Sh!t The Desert Workshop.  I was so excited to hear that we got to shoot a Joshua Tree engagement session during our time with her.  There is nothing that gets me more excited then learning bout photography. Getting excited about learning, nerdy, I know.  So the fact that I was about to participate in a shoot with one of the photographers that I have learned the most from was an irreplaceable experience.  Head over to Andria's blog to see what she captured from the shoot here!

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